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Spring Semester

Hope everyone had a fabulous winter break, I know I did. Busy from start to end and I didn’t even work at my regular job! I did however, instead work all of the men’s and women’s basketball games at the Frost. Doing the usual, replay and camera one. This weekend I’m doing grip and I have not done that since my first day… We’ll see how that goes. 

With the semester just starting and things getting back into routine, I will be back on here more hopefully. I enjoy sharing things that make me laugh with you all because I need a break from reality sometimes, maybe you do too. Well, best of luck to everyone as they begin this semester and keep warm! It’s cold outside!

Final Thoughts

Well… I suppose you can only put off actually writing your final response for MCOM 220 for so long, or until Cecil emails you an angry email. Anyways, here are my final thoughts.

I really enjoyed this class! I learned so much about social media and how to work it, along with making videos. I had no experience with Indesign and found it completely intimidating (still do kind of but not as bad). I learned how to find out how to do something by myself with the Indesign projects as well with editing videos with iMovie. A lot of the skills I learned this semester will be very helpful for future jobs and for anything I do today, really. 

My favorite part of this class had to be making the videos. I found that over the course of my videos, my editing and presence got stronger in them. I also accepted Twitter with open arms, seeing as I had an account already that I was on sometimes. This class was a great excuse to tweet or blog about something instead of working on some other homework. I had downloaded the TweetBot app on my iPhone and I absolutely love it! It makes it easy to switch between more than one account and to follow people, I followed a lot of SDSU campus related people to stay involved on campus more too. 

Blogging…Now that was interesting. I had thought about starting a blog before and was having trouble deciding what I would blog about. But at the beginning of the semester when we had to do the PBA to decide what we would become “professionals” in. I had so much trouble deciding what I could be considered a “professional” in because I was involved with many things at the same time, not. I had settled on dirt track racing, go cart racing and NASCAR as my primary. Well… I don’t mean to disappoint but I seemed to have strayed far from it. I lose interest in things extremely fast and it was like I lost interest the moment I handed in the paper. But my secondary expertise was Sports and Music. These, made more sense to me since I am in the Pride of the Dakotas Marching band, it was like a combination of the two! Perfect! I am definitely glad I did most of my projects based off of band for sure. A way to keep track of a great season! Another thing I should have added to my list is humor because it seemed that was what I was most comfortable with on tumblr. To reblog collegehumor or not? Hmmm…this was a good laugh, I’m sure someone else could use a laugh today too, sure why not…reblog. 

I met many great people in this class and learned so much. I plan to keep making videos and making each one better than the last. I also want to keep my blog and twitter going, as it’s a great way to keep in the loop and at the same time putting myself out there. Hope everyone has a great Christmas Break!

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